Third Day (Tunsmith  TS 6010)  1982?  Canada *



Third day



Might as well get the whole early Tunesmith catalog on the table, especially since this one’s been spotted with some sizeable price tags lately. These five Weston, Ontario guys are hard-rockin’ as you’d expect with Tunesmith, but they’ve also got a strong progressive component, as well as some melodic jazz-rock influences. Nice crisp production, potent guitar leads coupled with dynamic synthesizer action. Varied moods, from bona fide crunchers like ‘Covenant’ and ‘Revelation’ to impelling ballads (‘His Yoke Is Easy’ and ‘He Holds The Sun’). Also a 6:30 jazzy art-rock instrumental called ‘It’s A New Day’. Most songs written by lead guitarist Lazarus Varla. Gets the red carpet treatment with a great foldout cover. One of my favorites from the label, right behind Ben Antell Band.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Third Day (In Lft)



Third Day (In Rgt)




Third Day -Tune (Bck)



Third day - back

This one was on Heavenly Grooves. Thank you Donald for the extra cover photos.

01. Covenant

02. The Real You

03. It's A New Day

04. His Yoke Is Easy

05. Revelation

06. The Word

07. Without Love

08. He Holds The Sun