Day Follows Night (Bronte  BRS 1001)  1972













Although this is the same group as the above album (plus and minus a few members), the styles are as different as night and day. Day Follows Night is a more modern, diverse and soulful set, all the ‘60s angles of the previous lp having been laid to rest. The group delivers some decent basement rock moves on Larry Norman’s ‘Sweet Song Of Salvation’ and the femme-led ‘Mighty Hard Road’. Also a couple loud fuzzy guitar riffs roughing up ‘Carpenter Man’ and ‘Early In The Morning’. Good strong organ presence throughout. The opening title cut left me wondering if perhaps Johnny Mathis had spent some time fronting for Santana. Some mellow female piano-based tracks, including ‘Friendship Song’ which begins slow, then shifts into an artsy mood with jazzy piano soloing. ‘I Heard The Voice’ brings back the Mathis guy for its loungy percussive Latin vibe. Nice female vocals on ‘Long Long Ago’, a solemn moody piece backed solely by acoustic guitar. Custom recording from Bethesda, Maryland.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).













This one was on Heavenly Grooves.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Day Follows Night5:02
1-2Might Hard Road3:20
1-3Friendship Song5:15
1-4Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation4:11
2-1Carpenter Man3:00
2-2Spirit Of Fear4:29
2-3I Heard The Voice Of Jesus4:09
2-4Long, Long Ago 4:37
2-5Early In The Morning3:08