Jeesus Rock! (Finnlevy  SFLP 8520)  1972    Finland *









Sheep, The - Jeesus-Rock







Group of Americans (six male, one female) that transplanted to England and somehow ended up wandering into Finland to record and release this ultra-obscurity. Yep, it’s the same Sheep that went on to record Lonesome Stone and the self-titled lp on the Myrrh UK label. And no, the album title is not misspelled – that’s because it’s in Finnish, as are all the liner notes and four of the ten songs. Actually the cover lists the band name as “Karitsat”, Finnish for sheep. The organ/electric-guitar sound here is similar to that on the Myrrh lp, but since this is a much more low-budget effort there’s more of a primitive underground feel (which in turn means greater appeal for the private-press psych collector). Good west-coast hippie vibes, not just on plugged-in tracks like ‘Multitudes’ (which is also covered on their Myrrh lp), ‘Gathered’ and the slow-churning ‘Jesus Christ Is Lord’, but also on folkier acoustic selections like ‘Turn Us Again’. Songs in Finnish include ‘Oh Happy Day’, ‘Jeesus Rakastaa’, ‘Tramp On The Street’ and a hard-rock version of ‘A Mighty Fortress’ (here called ‘Jumala Ompi Linnamme’). Enjoy the music and expand your culture at the same time.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Sheep - Jesus-ROck (Lbl 1)

Sheep - Jesus-ROck (Lbl 2)

Sheep - Jesus-ROck (Bck)

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Multitudes 5:12
1-2Turn Us Again4:00
1-4Jesus Christ Is Lord6:24
2-1Oh, Happy Day3:38
2-2Jeesus Rakastaa (Jesus Loves)2:51
2-3Tamp On The Street3:36
2-6Jumala Ompi Linnamme (A Mighty Fortress)3:14