The Universe Is Singing  (GIA  M/S-118)  1968?


Sebastian Temple - Univ (Fnt)



On this album Temple reveals a hero in controversial Jesuit priest, scientist and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  Whereas most of Temple’s albums are straight forward  in their Christian themes, The Universe Is Singing is filled with references to the Cosmic Christ, consciousness and evolution, all to a lively electric folk-with-rhythm style.  Back cover talks about how he didn’t understand the human “within of matter” until he saw a picture of a triangle with a dot in the center  (I’m staring at the same symbol here but nothing’s clicking).  ‘I Sing A Song Of Teilhard’, ‘Teilhard’s Offering’, ‘Teilhard’s vision: The Picture’, ‘Cosmic Christ’ and ‘The Lord Of Evolution’.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Sebasrtian Temple - Univ (Bck)




Sorry I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Brian & Donald for the song list. Thank you Donald for the front and rear cover photos.



Side 1
 1   I Sing A Song Of Teilhard  2:34
 2   Each In His Own Tongue  2:16
 3   Teilhard's Offering  2:29
 4   Cosmic Christ       1:59
 5   Wondrous Is Your Presence, Lord  1:29
 6   The Universe Is Singing     2:16

 Side 2
 1   Where Shall We Hide The Truth?  2:39
 2   Everything Is Made Of Love  1:00
 3   The Fire Of Love  2:00
 4   Teilhard's Vision: The Picture  2:18
 5   The Lord Of Evolution  1:34
 6   I Am Hungry  2:29
 7   Down The Corridors Of Time  2:15