No Greater Love I’ve Found (Resurrection no #)  1980



Some fine hard rock moves on this four-man Bremerton, Washington outfit’s obscure private release. ‘Only By His Grace’, ‘Wait Until The Judgement’, and ‘There’s Power In The Word’ all rock heavily with good electric guitar and flashes of Daniel Band, Boston and DeGarmo & Key. ‘Don’t Slip Away’ is a decent classic rock ballad, while ‘Song Of Praise’ turns on the synths, brass and chunky bass for a funky Sweet Comfort Band feel. Other tracks work well in the soft rock category, either folky and acoustic (‘We’re Going Home’, ‘Last Song’) or carried by a light jazz samba lilt (‘Since I Met The Savior’, the title track). Also a couple ballads with strings. Features twelve original songs in all, most of them written by member Michael Castanares.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






This one was on Heavenly Grooves.


01. No Greater Love I've Found

02. Don't Slip Away

03. John's Thanks

04. Only By His Grace

05. Don't Pass Up This Chance

06. Wait Until The Judgement

07. Since I Met the Savior

08. There's Power It The Word

09. We're Going Home

10. Song Of Praise

11. Don't Turn Your Face

12. Last Song