Deliver The Young Musician  (Jewel  JRC 80836)  1980



Wallace, Randy - Deliver The Young Musicians



Soft rock fella with some simple everyday appeal on small Cincinnati custom label.  Randy writes, sings and plays piano and electric piano while three others fill in moog, bass and drums.  Includes a special thanks to Chick Corea and Gene Cotton for musical inspiration.  ‘Ashley’, ‘Tale Of The Troubadour’, ‘Bringer Of Light’, ‘Unvoiced Tribute’, ‘Young Angel’, four more.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





1 Ashley
2 Deliver the Young Musician
3 Young Angel
4 Tale of the Troubadour
5 Bringer of Light
6 You on My Mind
7 Unvoiced Tribute
8 Dream Girl
9 His Hand See