Rehearsal For A Reunion (Grapevine 106) 1977 UK *


Parchment - Rehearsal For A Reunion






Rehearsal For A Reunion doesn’t seem to have quite the edge of their prior lps, but there are still plenty of worthwhile songs, such as their a cappella rendition of traditional ‘Golden Game’. ‘Glory Shone Around’ and Jesus On The Mainline’ both effectively work Dixieland brass into their folksy foot-stomping mandolin melodies. ‘People And Places’ and ‘Angel Voices’ also make use of horns, the latter with sort of a Herb Alpert Tijuana vibe. Brisk classical strings help to bring ‘Still Waters’ to life, but the orchestration on a couple of the ballads tends to take away some of the group’s folk edge. Closes out with a nice reworking of ‘Light Up The Fire’, which is where the first album began. Pete Yates-Round is the group’s new third member, appearing on vocals and acoustic guitar. Gatefold cover.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Parchment - Reh (BL Bck)



ParchmentRehersalInlay 1



ParchmentRehersalInlay 2


Thank you Donald for the blue rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Glory Shone Around3:38
1-2Still Water2:57
1-4Borders Of Belief4:02
1-5Jesus On The Mainline4:35
2-1Golden Game1:38
2-2Angel Voices4:23
2-3I Want To Go Home4:42
2-4Talking To You3:13
2-5People And Places4:42
2-6Light Up The Fire2:55