Shamblejam (Myrrh MYR 1028) 1975 UK *



Shamblejam, the only Parchment lp to be co-released in the States, is a decidedly more electric album that contains some of the group’s best material. Opens with a roguish version of ‘Denomination Blues’ that’s heavey on the mandolin and percussion. ‘Green Psalm’ is a first-rate acid folkrock cut with fuzz guitar, while the psych-edged ‘Light Of The World’ words in choice electric guitar leads alongside trippy reverse editing effects. Moods vary from the lazy staggering brassy blues of ‘Speaker’s Corner’ to the frisky upbeat mandolin groove of ‘Morning Sky’. ‘Shine On Me’, ‘Don’t Let The Morning Come’, ‘Corners Of My Life’, a cover of Judy Sill’s ‘My Man On Love’ – there really ain’t a bad cut on here. Mellow subdued brass on a couple of the ballads. New member Brian Smith (replacing Keith Rycroft) provides bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and backing vocals. Produced by John Pantry. Released in the US on Myrrh (MSA 6551), but only the British pressing comes with the gatefold cover. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Denomination Blues2:42
1-2Green Psalm4:00
1-3Shine On Me3:42
1-5Don't Let The Morning Come3:30
1-6Corners Of My Life3:40
2-1Speaker's Corner3:05
2-2Morning Sky3:07
2-3My Man On Love3:20
2-4Light Of The World4:00
2-5Long As I Can See You4:56