Hollywood Sunset (Pye NSPL 18409) 1973 UK *





Hollywood Sunset continues in the format of Light Up The Fire, albeit with greater use of string instrumentation and a slightly more commercial feel. Best cuts are the more stripped down numbers like the minor-key ‘Dobbie’s Song’ (with mandolin and recorder) or the delicate ballad ‘Gift’. The dobro returns for the romping folkrocker ‘Get On The Road’. Equally aggressive is the powerful classic ‘Death In Jerusalem’. The ballad ‘Lovely Touching’ has a dreamy mysterious quality that’s enhanced by dramatic electric guitar soloing. Pac’s mandolin adds flair to the title track, ‘Hard Road’ and the lively ‘Getting Out Of This Town’. Fortunately the periodic strings tend to enhance the songs rather than weigh them down. Features twelve original songs, with songwriting shared by John, Sue and Keith. Also released on the pye label, the album comes in a nice colorful glossy gatefold cover. Produced by John Pantry who also contributes keyboards. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Are My Morning3:06
1-2Hard Road3:22
1-3Lovely Touching4:18
1-4Dorsie's Song4:17
1-5I'm A Man3:20
2-1Getting Out Of This Town2:32
2-2Death In Jerusalem3:17
2-4Get On The Road3:05
2-5True Word2:51
2-6Hollywood Sunset2:45