The Trial  (Grapevine  104)  1976  UK *



From Grapevine’s heyday comes this respectable small-band rock musical that draws its theme from Pontius Pilate’s encounter with Jesus Christ. PACE is comprised of Bob Frazier (piano), David Gladwin (bass, electric and acoustic guitars), Heidi Kaluzny (vocals), Max Sinclair (bass) and Phil Taylor (drums), with assistance from John Pac (mandolin) and Peter Yates-Round (drums). The five also fulfill the roles of Pilate, the Roman Guard, Pilate’s Conscience, the High Priest and Jesus Christ. Musically skips around from rock to blues to folk to novelty to ballads. All the song titles are topical (‘The Rumours’, ‘The Indifference’, ‘The Truth’, ‘The Joke’, ‘The Man’, ‘The Plea’, ‘The Judgement’, ‘The Crucifixion’, etc.), quickly segueing into each other via brief snippets of conversation and/or dialogue that are thick on the British accents. But it’s mostly music here, including some good electric guitar moments. Originally written by Justyn Rees of The Peacemakers, with additional music and lyrics added by PACE. Cover features a photo of a judge’s wig.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. The Rumours

02. The Indifference

03. The King

04. The Truth

05. The Solution

06. The Contest

07. The Joke

08. The Man

09. The Plea

10. The Judgement

11. The Cost

12. The Blame

13. The Crucifixion

14. The Remorse

15. The Resurrection