Earth Rider (Jeree  2980)  1980




I’ve noticed this male/female Ohio group’s custom obscurity getting some attention in collectors’ circles lately. Though mostly in the soft-to-middle-ground rural rock category (not unlike Maranatha artists Phoenix Sonshine or Parable in that respect), they can often be found stretching out into progressive territory with some well-crafted lengthy songs. Cuts like ‘We Should Live’ and ‘Bow Down’ sound like they contain multiple movements, clocking in at 6:44 and 7:20 respectively. Other selections include ‘Ain’t It Good’, ‘Perfection’, ‘Pretty Words’, ‘That’s The Way Things Happen’, ‘Earth Rider’ and ‘Jesus Is Waiting’. Decorated with some good synthesizer and organ touches. Their style wasn’t immediately accessible – the slow tempos in particular took a little while to grow on me – but after a few listens I began to see it’s a very nice original work. Followed by two less cutting-edge albums, The Sword And The Oil (1982) and Incisions (1986).     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. Ain't It Good

02. Perfection
03. We Should Live

04. Pretty Words

05. Bow Down

06. That's The Way Things Happen

07. Earth Rider

08. Jesus Is Waithing