Tetelestai (’79)(no label  902017-3212)  1979






A host of different keyboard sounds combined with a progressive jazz/pop emphasis push this custom rock musical production to serious contender status. Mostly on the softer side of rock, melodic and lively like Glad’s first couple. But there are also glimmers of art rock that keep popping up, like the opening instrumental ‘Overture’, the organ-heavy ‘Unholy Alliance’, or ‘Annas’ which has some rather interesting polyrhythms. The electric guitars get pretty heavy on ‘Peter’s Denial’, while the fast-paced ‘Believe In Me’ shifts into pure jazz realms. Also some fitting acoustic oriented selections, particularly the compelling minor-key ‘O Jerusalem’. Mostly different male lead singers in the spotlight, one track with a female soloist, plus a couple songs with choral backing. The theme of the album is the life of Christ, with a special emphasis on the events leading up the crucifixion (tetelestai means “it is finished”, Christ’s final words on the cross). An outreach of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio. Lyrics by Joel Nagy, music by Russ Nagy.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Tetelestai - 1979 (Bck)

This one was on Heavenly Grooves. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.

01 – Overture
02 – Repent
03 – Son Of Man
04 – Believe In Me
05 – O Jerusalem
06 – Prayer
07 – Parable
08 – Unholy Alliance
09 – Supper Song
10 – Gethsemane
11 – Annas, Sanhedrin & Witness Duet
12 – Peter’s Denial
13 – Claudia’s Dream
14 – Song From The Cross
15 – Repent (Reprise)
16 – Closer