Tetelestai (’82)(Tetelestai Inc 212055)  1982






Good night, how many times are these guys gonna record this thing? Here we have yet another interpretation of the same musical, produced by the same fellowship. There are many new songs here, while several others are missing. The jazz and progressive influences are still strongly felt, making it most similar to the 1979 version, although the arrangements on the duplicated songs are significantly different (for example, ‘Repent’ gets a fuzz guitar solo here). Effective use of synthesizers, somewhat Styx-ish on the opening ‘Prophets’, giving a stately art-rock tone to ‘Resurrection’. Crunchy electric guitar and haunting choral backing make ‘Song Of The Cross’ a standout. Different sleeve art as well. Looks like you’re gonna need all three of these.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Thanks to Joe from Electric Psalms for this one.



Tetelestai - 1982 (Bck)




This one was on Heavenly Grooves.


01 – Prophets
02 – Repent
03 – Son Of Man
04 – Judas Soliloquy
05 – Hosanna
06 – O Jerusalem
07 – Prayer
08 – Love The Lord
09 – Master’s Song
10 – Supper Song
11 – Gethsemane
12 – Annas
13 – Song From The Cross
14 – Resurrection
15 – Closer (Turn)