Tetelestai  (’75) (no label 6052)  1975





This is actually the same musical as the above, but a different earlier custom recording. This 1975 press has more of a homemade rock feel, more consistent, with good progressive organ and electric guitar interaction. Although the 1979 version is excellent, this recording will probably be preferred by those into the whole local-press rock scene. One collector likened it to The Joyful Noise’s Nativity which seems on the money. Performed by a small unnamed band that features some attractive female lead vocals. Nice instrumental passages scattered about, plus some fine acoustic and folkrock tracks. Has a few songs not on the later version while missing others. Magnificent red and purple cover art.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. Behold

02. Overture

03. Repent

04. Women's Song

05. Hosanna

06. Untitled Song

07. Business As Usual

08. Love The Lord

09. Entracte

10. Supper Song

11. Psalm 118

12. Stay

13. Gethsemane

14. Claudia's Song

15. Song From The Cross

16. Turn