Metanoia (Unknown  CLP 1978)  1978



Pastille, Lisa - Metanoia




Lisa Pastille - Metanoia  side 1 label



Better add Lisa Pastille’s album to that ever growing roster of required obscure homemade female folksinger records. Metanoia (Greek for spiritual transformation) is of equal quality to recordings by artists such as Becky Severson, Jean Wahlstrom, Barbara Sipple, Marj Snyder, Pam Mark and the like. Lisa’s songs are gentle expressions with melodies that range from slow and peaceful, to playful and lilting, to sorrowful and melancholy. Led by sensitive lead vocals and self harmony, with delicate musical backing from Lisa’s acoustic guitar. ‘Prayer’ and ‘Matthew 11’ are two of the standouts, both beautiful solemn pieces with tempo changing song structure. Soft ballads (‘Psalm 27’), bright summery strums (‘No Exit’) and graceful finger-picked tunes (‘When I’m Blue’) are all equally effective. Lisa plays a few other instruments as well, including stirring flute accompaniment (‘The Answer’, ‘Hosanna’) and artful tin whistle flourishes (‘Glorious Is Your Name’). Piano joins on a couple songs, including the closing ‘Come’. Femme folk enthusiasts, put this on your list now – you will not be disappointed! She’s from Providence, Rhode Island.     (The Archivist, 5th edition by Ken Scott).



Lisa Pastille - Metanoia side 2 label




Lisa Pastille - Metanoia   back




This one was on Heavenly Grooves.  Thank you Brian for the rear cover and label photos.


01. 	Chant 		
02. 	Baby Boy 		
03. 	The Answer 		
04. 	Psalm 27 		
05. 	No Exit 		
06. 	Hosanna 		
07. 	Glorious Is Your Name 		
08.	Prayer 		
09. 	I'm Waiting on You 		
10. 	Matthew 11 		
11. 	When I'm Blue 		
12. 	Come