Open More Windows (Crux  Joel 001)  1980?  UK *



Beautiful enchanting British folk private press with quiet ethereal acoustic mood that suggests an unplugged version of Mystery Maker or Presence. The delicate earnest male/female vocals backed by gentle acoustic guitar and soft background synthesizer creates a magical atmosphere that rests with the best of UK folk. Gorgeous female vocals on ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ and the haunting piano ballad ‘Isaiah 43’. The songs with male vocals are equally charming, the acoustic guitar ballad ‘My Lord’ being a perfect example. Includes covers of Mystery Maker (‘Blind Man’, ‘Mystery Maker’) and Carey Landry (‘Abba Father’). Other titles are ‘Song Of Hosea’ (anonymous), ‘Glory To God’ (traditional Peruvian, with bongo percussion) and ‘Veni Creator Spiritus’ (8th century plainsong), plus a few originals. Says on the back they formed in early 1979 and worked and travelled throughout the Diocese of Shrewsbury and beyond.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. Abba Father

02. Each And Every Day
03. Isaiah 43

04. Song Of Hosea

05. Lord Jesus Christ

06. Blind Man

07. The Burial

08. Mystery Maker

09. Be Still

10. My Lord

11. Glory To God

12. Jesus You Are Lord

13. Father In My Life

14. Veni Creator Spiritus