The Face Of The Deep (Ark 61928) 1980


Johnson, Jeff - Face Of The Deep

The Face Of The Deep is a more fully realized work than Jeff’s earlier projects, with lyrics that derive inspiration from such diverse sources as the impressionistic painters and Christian authors Francis Schaeffer and Charles Williams. The music takes huge artistic strides forward as well, revealing an overall greater consistency, depth and maturity. Keyboards (especially synthesizers) now take the center stage, making for some mild parallels to early Alan Parsons Project. Sound effects/collages, recorder, vocal effects, mood changes – all of these add a periodic air of mystery to the project and build on the progressive angle. Certainly no clichés in song titles like ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, ‘What Ever Happened To The Human Race?’, ‘The Moulin De La Galette’, ‘Gaugin’s Drearn/What Keeps Me Here‘?’, ‘A Walk In The Alps’ and ‘Princess And The Jester’. A few familiar names in the credits, including Gerry Limpic, Pam Mark Hall and future collaborator Sandy Simpson. Albums like this demand more active listening than I’m used to doing for these little quickie descriptions, so make sure you take time to dig into the lyrics. You won’t find a whole lot of “Jesus loves you” slogans in there, but for all you thinker types that desire to probe a little deeper beneath life’s surface, here’s your man. Johnson’s vision would continue in the ‘80s with such classics as Through The Door, Shadow Play, Icons and Fallen Splendor.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Jeff Johnson - Face (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Happy Ending4:17
1-2The Thinker2:49
1-3All Hallows' Eve2:46
1-4Whatever Happened To The Human Race?6:24
1-5Help Me2:55
2-1The Moulin De La Galette2:14
2-2Gaugin's Dream / What Keeps Me Here?5:55
2-3A Walk In The Alps3:20
2-4Princess And The Jester3:06
2-5Now I Am Free3:48
2-6Even If I'm Not Sure4:57