Dear Lord (Holy Kiss HK-5009) 1979



Krause, Dennis - Dear Lord


Okay light-hearted soft rock item on Randy Matthews’ collectible custom label. Dennis was previously a member of The Hallelujah Joy Band. Although little of that group’s rural rock style carries over onto this album, there are still a few country pedal steel moments to be found songs like ‘Near A Town In Nevada’ and the title track. Overall a fairly diverse set, sampling lounge-jazz (‘Lord I’ve Never Known’), ‘50s pop (‘Hallelujah Praise The Lord’), mellow instrumental (‘Song Of Songs’), ballads (‘My Wedding Song’) and skiffle (‘Never Found A Love Like My Jesus’). Krause supplies the guitars, vocals and piano. Other instruments include saxophone and synthesizer. Among the background vocalists are Randy Matthews, Monty Matthews and Ray Hildebrand. Produced by Randy Matthews.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








Dennis Krause - Holy (Lbl 1)


Dennis Krause - Holy (Lbl 2)


Dennis Krause - Holy (Bck)







Sorry I have not yet acquired this album.  Thank you Donald for the label photos,Tte rear cover photo and the song list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Dear Lord2:42
1-2Lord, I've Never Known3:44
1-3My Wedding Song3:40
1-5Song Of Songs2:15
2-1Let Me Sing You A Song
2-2The Lord Is My Light4:25
2-3Near A Town In Nevada4:45
2-4Never Found A Love2:46
2-5Before My Eyes2:47