Let Him Shine (Worship Renewal Ministries LS 257) 1976?



David Beal-Let Him Shine



Enchanting acoustic album with soft floating echoey vocals and haunting atmospheric music. I’ve heard this style before on excellent obscure lps by Larry McHugh, Brian McLaren and The Last Days. David Beal’s Let Him Shine stands as one of the best examples, tapping into the vibe with dreamy songs like ‘Love Song To Jesus’, ‘He’s My Friend’, ‘Job’s Song’, ‘No Greater Love’ and ‘Keep On Chippin’ Lord’ (the latter compares God’s causing us to grow in holiness with an artist creating a sculpture). Gorgeous distant ethereal female backing vocal on ‘Psalm 23’. Also explores singer/songwriter piano-backed folk-rock on ‘I’ve Been Redeemed’ and the title track, along with honky-tonk blues-rock ala Larry Norman on the closing ‘A Little Faith’. David on 12string guitar, others on piano, bass, percussion and backup vocals. Magnificent six-panel b&w cover art with the look of an antique line engraving.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.