Horrendous Disc  (Solid Rock  SRA 2011)  1980





Many consider Horrendous Disc to not only be DA’s crowning achievement but also Christian rock’s finest hour.  When it finally hit the streets after what seemed like an unending string of delays, Amos-heads finally got what they’d been waiting for.  All the former Maranatha country ingredients were set aside on the move to Larry Norman’s Solid Rock label where the group transitioned to an intelligent creative hard-hitting classic rock sound balanced with the progressive melodic orchestral/vocal depth of ELO.  Terry Taylor’s songwriting is in full form here: ‘I Love You #19’, ‘Hound Of Heaven’, ‘Near-Sighted Girl With Approaching Title Wave’.  And of course the epic three-part title track about an evildoer who discovers his crimes have been captured by  God the “recording artist” (“your sneaky moves are right here in the grooves”).  Christian music would never be the same  —  and indeed Daniel Amos along with a handful of other artist would spearhead the whole “alternative” scene of the early ’80s, tiny as it was , bringing a few small rays of light into the vast wasteland of what was now a well-established and typically uninspiring industry.  Seeing how the group has amassed a small cult-like following over the years, a few collectors’ notes are in order.  The US 10-song press comes in the usual sturdy Solid Rock gatefold cover.  It was finally released on CD in 2000 after years of squabbles and legal whatnot.  The British press comes in a single-slip cover and drops two songs (‘Tidal Wave’ and ‘Man In The Moon’), but it also includes an otherwise unavailable ballad entitled ‘After All These Years’.  The mix also has some minor variations on a couple of tracks.  Other small differences exist in the Canadian issue and various test pressings, not to mention a 10-inch collectible promo EP on blue and white swirled vinyl that plays at 78 rpm!  See also CD section.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have added the title of the extra track that is found only on the UK issued album. I have not located a copy of the UK version as yet so was not able to get a time on that track. If anyone has that can you please advise me so I can update the post.   diakoneo





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Love You #19 (Taylor)3:35
1-2Hound Of Heaven (Taylor)4:08
1-3(Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave (Taylor)3:05
1-4Sky King (Out Across The Sky) (Taylor)4:10
2-1On The Line (Taylor)5:24
2-2I Believe In You (Taylor)3:48
2-3Man In The Moon (Chamberlain)4:06
2-4Never Leave You (Cook)3:08
2-5Horrendous Disc (Taylor)5:24
UK Version Adds:
2-6After All These Years (Taylor)3:29