Whippoorwill (Custom Craft  CC-78140)  1978  Canada *



Thiessen, Dan - Whippoorwill

From Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan comes this excellent acoustic rock private press that rings true with the spirit of early John Michael Talbot. Dan is the guitar man, assisted by Robin J McLean on bass and Laurie Thompson on drums. Also Arlen Salte providing additional guitar and Debbie Schwabe helping on vocals. Some electric guitar leads, flute and background synth, but mostly the trio playing in a natural unplugged format. Typically vibrant briskly strummed songs, often changing mood mid2stream for slower passages. Side two contains the 17-minute ‘Canticles – Song Of Songs’, comprised of titles like ‘Woman’s Song’, ‘Shepherd’s Song’, ‘Woman’s Dream’, ‘The Pride Of Love’ and ‘I Have Fallen’, inspired by The Song Of Solomon. Definitely one of the finer pieces to come out of Canada. “Whippoorwill – a North American bird known for its song at the darkest part of the night before the dawn. The Christian must too sing His Song in the darkest part of the night before the bright and morning star appears.”   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.

01. Not Just A Feeling

02. Carry On

03. Whippoorwill
04. Close Your Eyes

05. The Singer
06. Canticles Song Of Songs (Part I)

07. Canticles Song Of Songs (Part II)