Tell The World  (FEL  372)  1969


dameans front



One of the most popular Catholic folk groups featuring four (sometimes five) male students of Notre Dame Seminary.  Tell The World introduces their signature style of calm lightweight harmonies, in this case with simple backing from acoustic guitars and bass.  Enhanced with some fancy lead guitar flourishes that quietly blend in almost unnoticed.  Contains some of their best known songs, including ‘Shout Out Your Joy’, ‘All That We Have’ and ‘Look Beyond’.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




dameans back






01. Tell the world

02. Man of mind

03. Turn your eyes

04. Service

05. Shout out your joy

06. All that we have

07. Witness song

08. Look beyond

09. Let all the earth

10. Sing out his goodness

11. Pause a while

12. The Spirit of the Lord