Songs Of The New Creation  (FEL  532)  1970



Dameans, The - Songs Of The New Creation



Songs Of The New Creation continues with a smooth and mellow folk sound, adding drums, piano and flute to keep things interesting.  Electric guitar also adds depth to a couple tracks (‘The New Creation’ and ‘Have You Ever Been’).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Dameans - Songs (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.


01. The New Creation 

02. Love Is Almost Worth The Dying

03. Have You Ever Been

04. The Love Of God Will Rise Before The Sun

05. When The Morning Comes

06. Jesus Has Come

07. All Our Joy

08. We Praise You Everyday

09. Little Child

10. Yes, Lord

11. Sign Of Total Giving