Walk To That Glory Land  (FEL  572)  1971



Dameans, The - Walk To That Glory Land



Glory Land adds horns and some strings, managing a catchy beat here and there, though the trend is clearly beginning to shy away from folk and lean towards pop-rock and ballads.  Snappy bass, drums and brass action shakes out some lively grooves on ‘In His Love’ and ‘Look Up To The Lord’.  Certainly their most rhythm-endowed and electric album, although the smooth vocals tend to dampen any rock edges that may be attempting to surface (making for some similarities to The Mission circa Soulful Sounds and Let’s Get Together).   Also contains their oft-covered ballad ‘Without Clouds’.  Subsequent recordings became increasingly mellow and polished, eventually evolving into choral easy listening.  Classy cartoon cover of a guy climbing a ladder up to heaven (through the smog).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Enclosed booklet

Enclosed booklet



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Glory Land2:35
1-2Love Is Patient2:40
1-3In His Love2:40
1-4Without Clouds4:23
1-5Look Up To The Lord3:12
2-1Come In, Pilgrim2:54
2-2In My Name2:36
2-3You Are Loved2:59
2-4Is There Any Word
2-5Golden Morning3:56