Beginning Today  (TeleKETICS  FCC9149)  1973


Dameans - beginning today  LP front







Calm soothing folk/easy-listening mixture for the group’s fourth lp.  Light beat crafted here and there, plus a few acoustic holdovers, but mostly smooth string-orchestrated tunes.  Keyboards added as well.  Members are Mike Baltoff, Gary Ault, Darryl Ducote and Buddy Ceaser.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Dameans - beginning today  sheet music cover

Sheet Music



Dameans - beginning today  LP back



Thank you Brian for the rear cover & sheet music photo.  Thank you Donald for the alternate front cover.



01. Sing Alleluia Sing

02. Beginning Today

03. Beatitudes

04. Spirit Move

05. A Song Of Thanksgiving

06. Rejoice My Friends

07. Wedding Prayer

08. I Know the Father Loves Me

09. Rainbow

10. Psalm 145 - Praise God