His Kind of Man (Century/Everglow  44350)  1977



This earlier album from the duo is even more impressive. His Kind Of Man is an exceptional set of cutting-edge melodic rock/soft-rock tunes warmed through with glowing psych touches. The varied textures of Schneider’s moody keyboards (piano, electric piano, synthesizer) are effectively balanced against Kramer’s electric guitars, the latter subtly lifting the music into psych zones through effects like wah-wah, fuzz and volume pedal. The opening title track sets the stage, its beautiful combination of dreamy mellotron, pedal steel and fuzz guitar striking an almost Floyd-ian reverie. ‘Thankin’ You Lord’ solemnly drifts along to a wispy ethereal groove, while the minor-key ‘You Can’t Get There From Here’ takes a laidback rough-edged garage strut ala Clapton/‘Cocaine’, overlaying it with snarling fuzz leads (the song credits inspiration to Christian author Francis Schaeffer). Also a few scattered jazz-rock moves on tracks like ‘Gentle Rain’, ‘The Modern Man’ and the quirky funk-edged ‘You’re So Good To Me’. All original songs, seven written by Schneider, three by Kramer, every one of them a gem. Creative b&w ink pen cover art of an old organ. An outstanding record!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Taken from a cassette

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. His Kind Of Man 

02. People Open Your Eyes

03. Road To A New Life

04. Listening

05. Gentle Rain

06. The Modern Man

07. I've Got A New Song

08. You're So Good To Me

09. Thankin' You Lord

10. You Can't Get There From Here