It’s So Nice (Century/Everglow  44941)  1978




Some of the most inspired ‘70s singer/songwriter sounds I’ve heard featuring the duo of Michael Schneider and James Kramer. Both gents handle multiple instruments: Michael on piano, clavinet, mini-moog, mellotron, fender rhodes and flute; James on electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel, fender bass, trumpets and percussion. The keyboards and melodic songwriting can sometimes bring a suggestion of Carole King on tracks like ‘Son Of God, Son Of Man’ and ‘Forever Lord’. Some of their best moments come though pop-edged numbers like the catchy lilting title track. Occasional similarities to other melodic male twosomes like Sonrise, Stewart & Kyle and Christian Stephens. ‘Synthetic Generation’ has decent guitar coupled with a silky wah-wah groove. And for those of you that require edgier rock statements, ‘Glory Suite’ and ‘Psalm 19’ both have velvety ethereal moods with electric guitar that could easily earn a “psych” descriptor. Same for the closing six-minute ‘Micah 5:2/Fulfillment’ which features some excellent progressive art-rock dynamics. I really like this record! On the famous Century custom label.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Taken from a cassette

This one was on Heavenly Grooves.

01. Son Of God Son Of Man

02. Synthetic Generation

03. Forever Lord

04. It's So Nice

05. Glory Suite

06. Psalm 19

07. Signs

08. The Triumph

09. Micah 5:2 & Fulfillment