The Ascension Four (Van Diemen VDR-039) 1971? Australia *



Ascension Four, The


From Australia come Cheryl, Kevin, Michael and Janine, otherwise known as The Ascension Four. They play and harmonize in a simple ‘60s 12-string guitar-backed folk style altemating original songs with standards like ‘Day Is Done’, ‘Speak To The Sky’, ‘Teach Your Children’, ‘Can It Be True?’, ‘All My Trials’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’. ‘What Will Your Answer Be?’, ‘The Seeker Of Men’ and ‘Triumph Over Calvary’ are some of the self-written titles. Also a Cowsills cover, ‘In Need Of A Friend’. Drums are in there frequently putting a beat behind the guitars. Kevin’s low voice is kind of odd – is it my imagination or does he almost sound like a didgeridoo? All four were members of Devonport Baptist Church. A custom album produced by Tasmanian Christian Enterprises.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Ascension 4 - Ascension (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



A1 What Will Your Answer Be?
A2 Day is Done
A3 To Love Means to Be Free
A4 The Seeker of Men
A5 If God is Dead
A6 Speak to the Sky
B1 In Need of a Child
B2 Teach Your Children
B3 Triumph Over Calvary
B4 Can It Be True
B5 All My Trials
B6 Bridge Over Troubled Water