First Love  (Agape  AGP001)  1975?  Singapore *



Agape - First Love



If three fairly ordinary guys picked up an electric guitar, bass and drum kit and recorded an album of self-composed tunes minus any gloss, the end result might be Singapore’s Agape.  The sound is clean but there are usually only three, sometimes just two instruments in the arrangements – the end result is a very austere home-made sound. “Rock” is too heavy a word to describe them. If it were just acoustic guitars (true on a couple occasions) I’d call them folk, but more often than not they’re electric.  The sound is somewhere in between summery harmonies (slightly overpowering in the mix), rudimentary guitar solos.  It’s amateur all the way – and it ain’t half bad either.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.