Behold The Word  (Mace  MXX 10057)  1970?


Agape - Behold The Word



Full-length folk rock mass from young five-man band recorded in the chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul at the St. Paul School in Concord, NH.  Authentic folk rock sound but way too much of the congregation singing and the liturgy of the service for me to enjoy the music.  The songs and hymns Agape does are not fully developed, but show hints of a real life folk-rocking group with the look of early Lovin’ Spoonful that would be just as comfortable covering a Byrds tune.  Noble effort with neat cover picture of a church steeple and acoustic guitar looking up at a clear blue sky behind them.  12-string Rickenbacher might have been better. BF     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Agape - Behold (Bck)


Sorry I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Laura for the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Prelude: The Walker
1-2Processional Hymn: In Christ There Is No East or West/Blessed Be God/Kyrie Eleison/Gloria In Excelsis
1-3The Ministry of the Word: The Collect/The Epistle/Feed Us Now, O Son of God/The Gospel/The Nicene Creed/The Peace/Prayer of Intercession
2-1The Offertory: Offertory Sentences/When I Needed A Neighbor/The Doxology
2-2The Consecration: Sanctus/All Glory Be To Thee/The Lord's Prayer/The Breaking of the Bread/Agnus Dei/Communion Hymn/Hanging on a Tree/Almighty & Everlasting/Go Forth The World In Peace
2-3Recessional: I Know Not What The Future Hath