To Jesus With Love  (Stucky  SA18077S)  1977?


Agape - To Jesus With Love


Yet another Agape that no one’s ever heard of, this one being five guys and four gals of collegiate nature who gathered together in Kansas to do the folkrock thing.  Songs by Andrae Crouch, Ken Medema, and Chuck Girard reveal their tendency toward the gentler side.  Piano is in there equally with the guitars in providing the backdrop for their vocal orientation.  Parts take me back to those early 2nd Chapter Of Acts ballads.  Cello and a rather strange-sounding organ also make appearances.  First couple plays neither moved nor repulsed me – gave it a couple weeks and sure enough found myself pleasantly humming along to a few of the originals.  Remakes comprise the other half of the album (they even do a tune by The Way).  And to think I almost let this one go.


Agape - To (Bck)



Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the track list.



Side 1

 1. Lord, You’ve Been Good To Me

 2. Come Let Us Reason

 3. Metamorphosis

 4. Lay Your Burden Down

 5. Deliverance

 6. A Wonderful Feeling

 Side 2

 1. Simple Trust

 2. Liferoad

 3. I’ve Been Sealed

 4. It Wouldn’t Be Enough

 5. Sometimes Alleluia

 6. Always