Victims Of Tradition (Renrut  AGAPE 101)  1972




Agape’s second album is a  very different but equally good work.  Victims Of Tradition has a more complex song structure than the detub –  more of a progressive feel with keyboards (courtessy of Jim Hess) playing a bigger role, even delving into jazz fusion on ‘Jazz Jam (Part 1)’ and ‘You Reap What You Sow’.  As far as heaviness goes though, the album still hits just as hard.  ‘Wouldn’t It Be A Drag’ is my favorite here: a lengthly seven-minute outing that includes a two-minute drum solo, as well as solos for bass (from newcomer Richard Greenburg), guitar and electric piano before culminating in cacophonous bursts of noise. ‘The King Is Christ’ is a beautiful predominately acoustic piece – it almost sounds like the guitar solo was recorded backwards.  ‘Change Of Heart’ keeps that heavy Hendriux blues-rock sound alive.  As with Gospel Hard Rock, this is lyrically very evangelistic.  Not just God-loves-you sloagans – these guys present the gospel.  Much rarer than their debut and thus selling for mucho dinero these days.  Classic b&w cover photo of the band playing their instruments in a graveyard.  Not many lps around that sound this unique, creative and on fire.  Classic rock indeed.  Re-issued on CD in 1996 with the bonus track ‘Oasis’.  See also The Rapid Richard Group and the CD section.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




01. Voyaging Pilgrim

02. Walking Over The Hill

03. Wouldn't It Be A Drag

04. Jazz Jam (Part 1)

05. The King Of Kings

06. The King Is Christ

07. Change Of Heart

08. You Reap What You Sow

09. Oasis