Laser Love  (CBS  83795)  1979  UK *





ATF gets the coveted mainstream deal, does a stylistic about face, and proceeds to record one of the best hi-energy techno-pop lps ever.  This is the first of three such UK releases and the only two of the ten tracks here ended up on the group’s 1982 US self-titled compilation.  Pete”Memory” Banks leads the way with bristling synthesizer creativity extraordinaire, which combined with the lead vocals of Andy Piercy, John Russell on guitar, and drummer I A J Twidell (aka Iva Twydell) translates into pure techno magic.  The title track, ‘Like The Power Of A Jet’ and the instrumental ‘Joy’ are fast energetic songs that sizzle with excitement while ‘Take Me Higher’, ‘Life In The City’ and ‘One Rule For You’ achieve pop-rock perfection with their bright catchy melodies.  All in fun refreshing style that’s all their own, with crisp professional production to match.  This cries out for a CD re-issue!    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Laser Love3:34
1-3Take Me Higher4:41
1-4Life In The City4:24
1-5Suspended Animation5:02
2-1Like The Power Of A Jet3:15
2-2One Rule For You3:33
2-3Time To Think3:39
2-5Check It Out3:26