Songs Of Good News  (ACTA  AC2711)  1967


Jabusch, Willard F - Songs Of Good News


An early one with some guys called St. Mary Of The Lake Singers.  Folk songs again , many of which are adapted from Israeli, Russian, Spanish, Armenian and German melodies.  The blandness of the vocals is compensated by some professional acoustic guitar, often played in a fast-strummed flamenco style.  Bass, percussion, banjo and harmonica as well.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not located this album yet. Thank you Brian for the song list.


1.    The king of glory
 2.   Song of peace
 3.   Bread of Heaven
 4.   What can we bring
 5.   Leave your fishing nets
 6.   Song of the beatitudes
 7.   The gift of God
 8.   Whatsoever you do
 9.   Preach the gospel
 10.  To whom shall we go
 11.  From the depths
 12.  If a Christian loves God
 13.  To the mountain
 14.  We thank you, Lord
 15.  Feed my sheep
 16.  Song of good news