Sonsong (Zebra  ZM5761)  1976  UK *


Sonsong is described as a “dramatic multi-media presentation depicting the Lord Jesus as the solution to the mess we have brought about”. What I hear on this scarce custom is another excellent UK recording in the small-group male/female folk/folkrock category featuring both acoustic and electric instrumentation. The production consists mostly of original songwriting, but also works in remakes of ‘Eve Of Destruction’, ‘Glory Glory’, and ‘I Wish We’d All Been Ready’. Beautiful fragile moods as only the British can fashion them, never more true than on tracks like ‘I’ve Lost My Way’ with spellbinding lead female vocals and ethereal backing chorus. Enhanced by autoharp, violin, harmonica, piano and synthesizer (that’s Pete Banks of After The Fire and Narnia on keyboards). Fuzz guitar on the oddly-titled ‘I Don’t Have To Use My Brains (Anymore)’. Off and on similarities to Sounds Of Salvation and 11:59 along with the more obscure Carpenter’s Apprentice and Sanctus. Attractive black and gold laminated sleeve, with picture of the gang on the back gathered around a zebra-striped truck.       (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Sonsong Party

02 – Sunshine World

03. I’ve Lost My Way

04. Eve Of Destruction

05. I Don’t Have To Use My Brains (Anymore)

06. Worried Eyes

07. We Are In Need Of A Saviour

08. Repent All Ye People

09. Revelation

10. Everlasting Life

11. Glory Glory

12. Can It Be True

13. We Are One In The Spirit

14. I Wish We’d All Been Ready

15. Sonsong Part 2