Yesterday Today Forever (Dovetail  DOVE 17D) 1975 UK *










Creative two-record concept production, topically similar to Truth Of Truths, but musically based in the stirring UK folk and rock style of groups like Cloud, Valley Of Achor and 11:59. In fact most of the members of 11:59 are here, together with a few additional participants. Begins with selections inspired by Genesis (‘Let There Be Light’, ‘The Fall’), on to the life of Christ (‘Behold The Lamb Of God’, ‘I Am’, ‘Blessed Are You’, ‘Father Forgive Them’), closing with the Revelation-based ‘They Have Conquered’ and ‘And There Was Light’. Mostly a gentle progressive folk/praise atmosphere utilizing such instruments as acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizer, piano, string organ, flute, percussion, plus a long list of unusual items (sugar shaker, road drill, baby rattle, cough medicine bottle and plastic guitar to name a few). A few driving fuzz guitar moments here and there, coupled with some harsh dissonant psychedelic experimental passages. Vocals are provided by six different male/female lead singers, along with a small choir that has a moving style very similar to Cloud. A number of spoken-word-over-music portions, alternating the ultra-fragile 13 year-old Hedi Taylor (female) with the bold dramatic tones of Nigel Goodwin (whose poetic readings can also be heard on the UK albums Alive! and Sound Vision In Concert). Includes re-interpretations of ‘The Earth Is The Lord’s’ and ‘The Sacrifice’ from 11:59’s This Our Sacrifice Of Praise. Written by 11:59’s John and Ross Harding. Another peak moment for ‘70s British Jesus music.    (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).














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Song #Song TitleTime
01Let There Be Light (Part I)5:35
02Let There Be Light (Part II)1:19
03O Lord Our God4:13
04The Fall2:21
05Holocaust Of Sin4:33
06Behold The Lamb Of God (Part I)1:17
07Behold The Lamb Of God (Part II)2:50
08Behold The Lamb Of God (Part III)2:07
09The Temptations2:16
10The Earth Is The Lord’s5:58
11The Proclamation2:40
12Blessed Are You2:12
13Remember Mary3:18
15Hosanna Reprise1:51
16Love One Another Little Children4:26
17We May All Be One In Love5:08
18Who Will Believe This Report5:08
19I Am7:04
20Father Forgive Them1:47
21The Sacrifice (Part I)3:39
22The Sacrifice (Part II)2:40
23The Sacrifice (Part III)2:11
24The Shepherd3:46
25Instrumental Of Joy3:22
26Arise My Love9:26
27They Have Conquered5:10
28And There Was Light1:45