Free  (Cherish  S-0001)  1972?


Spokesmen, The - Free


If you like slick folk/pop with a crisp beat and thick polished vocal crooning somewhere between The Lettermen and The Association, then this six-man Florida group ought to make a connection.  Gonna be too smooth for some, but they’ve got enough catchy ’60s pop sentiment going for them to get my nod of approval.  Some similarities to The Mission.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Spokesmen - Free (Bck)




Sorry I have not acquired this album at this time. Thank you Tommy for the rear cover photo and the track list. Thank you Donald for the song list and rear cover.


Side 1

1    If You Want to Be Free     2:07
2    Thoughts on Life      2:10
3    As I Sit Here     3:30
4    I Never Felt This Way Before   2:38
5    This Happiness     2:14

Side 2

1    Monday Morning Smile    1:59
2    Best Life for Me      3:05
3    Speak Out Like a Man     3:20
4    With Me in Mind       2:47
5    Loving Others to The Lord  2:55