With Joy (Fortress  32-2206-74)  1971?

On With Joy the ‘60s big-beat folk style of Edwin’s debut is left behind for hipper rock sounds and quieter acoustic-with-piano pastures. Electric guitar, fuzz and organ make appearances, bringing a dated quasi-psych feel to the title track, ‘Lonely Little Lady’, ‘Questions And Answers’ and ‘Hell Of A Heaven’. Even some acid rock moves on the psychedelic Eastern-influenced ‘And They Killed Him’. He’s not as radical as Ylvisaker or The Mission, but he’s still hangin’ in there pretty good. Whimsical melodies become the vehicle for Edwin’s satirical side on ‘Keep America Beautiful’, ‘Military Industrial Complex’, ‘What Is Christmas All About?’ and ‘Postmortem Presents’. The latter begins with a funeral (“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here…”), then proceeds in song with the dead person’s requests on who should be the recipients of his various body parts. A worthwhile record, even if it’s not as professional or consistent as Keep The Rumor Going.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. With Joy

02. Keep America Beautiful

03. Lonely Little Lady

04. Military Industrial Complex

05. Postmortem Presents

06. Gentle Peaceful Notions

07. What Is Christmas All About

08. And They Killed Him

09. Questions And Answers

10. Act

11. Hell Of A Heaven

12. Peace Jesus Peace