Keep The Rumor Going  (Avant Garde  AV-106)  1966


Edwin, Robert - Keep The Rumour Going


After appearing on the Praise The Lord In Many Voices, Robert Edwin and his big expressive Frankie Lane baritone got an album all his own.  That voice does take a little getting used to but once over that hurdle you should come to appreciate this collection of lively folk tunes accompanied by an instrumental trio of guitar, upright bass, and drums for a full heavy sound.  Several originals such as ‘Are You Running With Me Jesus’ and the title tune as well as passionately delivered covers of Phil Ochs, Gordon Lightfoot, and the Shaker hymn ‘Lord Of The Dance’.  Some magnificent acoustic and classical guitar graces the ballads.  Big thumping beat version of ‘Rich Man Spiritual’ and hip swinging bluesy interpretation of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.  Bet you can’t sit still through this one!   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Robert Edwin - Keep (Bck)



01. Keep The Rumor Going

02. Judas And Mary

03. What's That I Hear

04. Peaceful Waters

05. Rich Man Spiritual

06. The 23rd Psalm

07. The Lord's Prayer

08. Petition

09. The Devil Wore A Crucifix

10. Are You Running With Me, Jesus

11. Lord Of The Dance

12. A Psalm Of Life