Rising Son  (Sounds Alive  601)  1976?





Friendly home made country rock sounds from five California dudes.  Primarily an acoustic framework featuring an unrefined blend of piano, guitars, bass and drums, although electric guitar manages to come to the front for a few songs.  High points are the opening ‘Psalm 215’ with its ‘Ramblin’ Man’ groove and ‘The Ballad Of Gideon’ which has a nice drifting ‘Ghost Riders’ sort of vibe.  ‘Tribulation’ has some effective mood changes, shifting from quiet solemn passages to heavier rocking build-ups. A bit of fiddler introduced on ‘Living Water’.  One drawback is the guys are almost always all singing together in harmony – and not just on the choruses.  I preferred the few moments where they let an individual singer to take the lead.  Otherwise I’d say they’re hanging in there okay with Mountain Angel Band, Mountain Glory, Harvest, Heirship, etc.  From the Upland/Ontario area (near Los Angeles).    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Sorry I have not located this album as yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Psalm 215
1-2Walking With Jesus
1-3The Ballad Of Gideon
1-4Children Of The Lord
2-1Every Moment
2-2Isaiah 43
2-3Living Water
2-4I Failed A Searching Soul
2-5So You Think That God Can Wait