Reborn (Harmony  HRS 1127)  1976?  Canada *





Count this Oakville, Ontario made  trio’s private press with the best of the rural-edged Jesus music folkrock albums. Throughout the nine original selections you’ll also find touches of groups like The Way, Country Faith and blessed Hope, soft stirring melodies gliding along with a perfect blend of 12-string guitar, electric  guitar leads and piano.  ‘Any Man’ opens the set on a strong Crosby, Stills & Nash note while introducing their beautifully moving harmonies. (one of the backup singers is female, so there’s often a guy/gal sound). ‘I’ve Always Wanted To Know’, ‘My God Isn’t Dead’, ‘Your Only Hope’ – every track is strong, whether gentle melancholy songs, dreamy pastoral expressions, jangly relaxed tunes, solemn acoustic moods or melodic rural rock.  About a half dozen other people assisting the threesome, including the ever present Doug McKenzie. Out of all the Canadian recordings I’ve heard to this date, this one ranks way up high if not on the very top. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





This one was on Heavenly Grooves.


Side 1
01. Any Man

02. I've Got Something To Tell You

03. Christian Brothers

04. Reborn

Side 2

01. Do You Find It Hard

02. I've Always Wanted To Know

03. My God Isn't Dead

04. Oh Jesus

05. Your Only Hope