Break Down The Walls  (Pietbiet  1024)  1976  Germany *


Janssens, Peter - Break Down The Walls


Break Down The Walls is one of numerous Christian Albums written and produced by Peter Janssens.  Most of his recordings are in German, but this is one of the few that’s predominantly in English.  Janssens is also the keyboardist (piano, electric piano), assisted by his “song orchestra” which is nine others on acoustic and electric guitar, flute, bass, drums and vocals.  Together they construct a warm sound that ranges from folk to light rock to rock, mildly progressive, with modest similarities to male/female European groups like Oasis, Wine Of Lebanon and Achor.  Often bright joyful melodies, as heard on the title track, ‘When The Red Sea’, ‘Song, Circling All The Earth’, ‘Easter Dance Song’ and ‘Glory To God In The Highest’.  Stand-out is the 13-minute ‘Psalm 21’, an edgier progressive number that includes a drum solo and an extended solo flute passage.  Quite a multi-cultural affair, written mainly for a Nairobi World Council Of Churches assembly, with several German-to-English translations, one song with some Spanish lyrics, and one traditional Jamacian tune (‘Communion Calypso’).   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Peter Jansenns - Break (Bck)




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Break Down The Walls
1-2When The Red Sea
1-3Bread And Wine
1-4Song Circulating All The Earth
1-5Easter Dance Song
2-1Psalm 21
2-2Freedom And Unity Add Up
2-3Glory To God In The Highest
2-4Communion Calypso