Ave Eva  (Pietbiet  1015, 1016)  1974  Germany *


Janssens, Peter - Ave Eva


Two-lp set with good varied progressive-edged “rock opera”-ish style featuring long songs and shifting moods.  Various male/female vocalists throughout  backed by a light-to-medium combination of electric and acoustic guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, bass and drums.  Gets  some decent lively and often funky electric guitar rhythms going in spots.  ‘Das Kind Hangt’ is an exceptionally cool track featuring softly chanted female vocals backed by hypnotic tom-tom while a background chorus of  “kyrie eleison” slowly fades in midway.  ‘Der Fall Maria’ has a fun section with a chorus of laughs and gibberish.  Some Hebrew folk vibes, a few jazz and pop-flavored sections, a piano blues number.  The album’s theme must at least in part have something to do with Jesus’ early years, as I was able to pick out recurring references to Maria, Jesus, Josef, Elizabeth, and Johannes.  Simple production, without any strings, horns or synths.  Nothing especially heavy, but a solid enjoyable work.  I love it when they say “luft” – what a cool word.  Laminated fold-out cover.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Peter Janssens - Ave (In Lft)

Peter Janssens - Ave (In Rt)

Peter Janssens Band - Ave Eva Oder Der Fall Maria back cover

Peter Janssens Band - Ave Eva Oder Der Fall Maria side 1 label


I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the separate inside gate-fold covers.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Vorspiel - Gott Und Ein Mädchen
1-3Station - Der Fall Maria
1-4Gemeindelied - Gegen Das Geläut Der Leute
2-1Station - Heimsuchung
2-2Gemeindelied - Geh Zum Fels
2-3Station - Das Kind Hängt
2-4Gemeindelied - Einmal - Teil 2
3-1Station - Die Anderen Marien
3-2Gemeindelied - Wir Sind Ein Herz Und Eine Seele
3-3Zwischenspiel - Die Legende Von Mariens Tod
3-4Station - Totenerweckung
4-1Station - Totenerweckung Hört Ihr Toten
4-2Gemeindelied - Steht Auf Vom Tod
4-3Station - Hochzeit Zu Kana
4-4Gemeindelied - Der Himmel Geht Über Allen Auf
4-5Gemeindelied - Steht Auf Vom Tod



     Bass – Michael Burghoff
     Chorus Master, Vocals – Ludger Edelkötter
     Composed By, Producer, Keyboards – Peter Janssens
     Drums, Vocals, Narrator – Frank Fockele
     Engineer – Harald Hose
     Guitar – Gerd Geerken
     Guitar, Vocals – Martin Gorenz
     Percussion, Vocals – Rolf Eggemann
     Vocals – Detlev Jöcker, Ed Gröning, Gundi Grote, Marianne Schulte
     Words By – Wilhelm Willms