Franz Von Assisi  (Pietbiet  1028/1029)  1978  Germany *


Janssens, Peter - Franz Von Assisi

Little did St. Francis of Assisi know in his time that one day he would be the subject of a rock musical.  A double album, no less.  Like other later Janssens albums,  Frauz Von Assisi has thinner arrangements that tend to rely primarily on piano.  A small number of songs even have a slightly muffled sound, as if they were possibly clipped from a live performance.  That said, there are still some decent prog-edged songs, a couple of which highlight electric guitar  (the opening instrumental ‘Overture’ and the at-times heavy ‘Ein Pechpsalm’).   Long selections, constant tempo changes, creative vocal arrangements, a few folk, jazz and classical moves.  The singing overtop rhythmic monotone spoken word on ‘Auferstehung’ is rather unusual.  Not quite sure what all’s going down on ‘Der Wolf Von Gubbio’, but there are hisses, growls, howls, footsteps, clomping and whistles (something about an encounter St. Francis had with a wolf).  Different singers for various characters, including Franz, Jesus, Papst, Burger and Erzahlerim.  Gate-fold cover featuring a Gothic era fresco by Italian painter Simone Martini.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Peter Jansenns - Franz (In Lft)


Peter Jansenns - Franz (In Rt)


Peter Jansenns - Franz (In Rt)

Peter Jansenns - Franz (Bck)

Sorry I have not acquired this album yet.    Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-3Erster Akt - Requiem Für Einen Reichen Jüngling
1-4Jesus Und Franz Am Sarg
1-6Sololied Franz
2-1Der Leichenzug Geht Weiter
2-2Dies Irae
2-3Lied Von Der Armut Für Alle
2-5Zweiter Akt - Franziskus Beim Papst
2-7Franz Weint
2-9Tanzlied Für Alle
3-2Dritter Akt - Der Wolf Von Gubbio
3-3Franz In Gubbio
3-4Bruder Wolf
3-5Alle Lu Ja
3-6Lied Für Alle Zu Zweit Und Zweit
3-8Vierter Akt - Die Heiligen Fünf Wunden, Lied Für Alle
4-2Noch Mal Einsamkeit
4-6Ein Pechpsalm
4-7Lief Für Alle Von Den Heiligen Fünf Wunden



  • Arranged By, Leader – Peter Janssens
  • Choir – Detlev Jöcker, Ed Gröning, Frank Fockele, Gundi Jöcker, Lele Kleikamp, Martin Gorenz, Matthias Müller (7)
  • Design – Heinz Gilsdorf
  • Engineer – Ludger Altrogge, Matthias Müller (7)
  • Narrator – Lele Kleikamp
  • Photography By – Toni Schneiders
  • Piano – Peter Janssens
  • Producer – Peter Janssens
  • Vocals – Ed Gröning, Gundi Jöcker
  • Vocals, Bass, Flute – Detlev Jöcker
  • Vocals, Drums – Frank Fockele
  • Vocals, Guitar – Martin Gorenz
  • Vocals, Guitar, Bass – Gerd Geerken
  • Written-By – Peter Janssens, Wilhelm Willms