Of Time And Its Distance (Trinity  TR-1007)  1975  Australia *

Those who connect with the artful folk style of artists like Tim Buckley, Bruce Cockburn, Jeff Johnson and Robin Runge/Crow will definitely want to tune in to the music of Australian Peter Campbell. Of Time And Its Distance gives lots of variety for the listener, with Campbell’s 12-string guitar typically being the central theme. ‘Let Me Ride’ opens the album on a strong progressive note, intelligent lyrics backed by a rich canopy of 12-string, electric guitar, synthesizer and organ. Good plugged-in riffs can be found on the appropriately named ‘Sweet Rock N Roll’. Many of the songs, however, are quiet-natured: ‘The Light Stays On’ with its dreamy mood; the tin whistle-backed ‘Only The Traces’; a moving piano ballad ‘Still The Same’. ‘Song For Leigh’ is a beautiful fragile acoustic song, lovingly accompanied by cello. ‘Sweden’ begins softly, building up to a dynamic climax of electric guitar. Gets into bluegrassy banjo mode for ‘On The Run’ (“it’s living as I need it for the deed that Jesus done, ooh we got tomorrow on the run”). A touch of George Harrison-styled guitar on ‘Love Comes Through’. Foldout cover with lyrics. Among the best Australia has to offer.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. Let Me Ride

02. The Light Stays On

03. Sweet Rock And Roll

04. Bowdio

05. Only The Traces

06. Sweden

07. Love Comes Through

08. Still The Same

09. Song For Leigh

10. On The Run

11. Calm

12. Look Around