The Messengers of the Cross (Emblem  JDR 321)  1969  UK *

 Messengers Of The Cross, The

From England’s subterranean gospel label (home of The Gospelfolk and The Sharons) comes yet another great garage band entry. The Messengers Of The Cross toy with a number of styles here and still retain their own distinct unified sound as they explore folk, folkrock, crude basement rockers, electric blues, garagy pop, and lounge jazz. ‘What Jesus Means To Me’ and ‘Not Pie In The Sky’ are my favorites here using ultra-cheesy organ to glorious ‘60s punk effect. Low-tech as usual for this label but not annoyingly so. Some good primitive guitar jamming. Fifteen songs, mostly with female lead vocals. Closes with Elizabeth reciting the gospel in her lovely British accent while organ plays the theme from Exodus in the background. A very satisfying lp that frequently checks in on the strange end.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves Site.


01. It Was You

02. Watch Out

03. When Will I Learn

04. What Jesus Means To Me

05. This Concerns You

06. Give Me Jesus

07. Jesus Standing

08. I Was Worried

09. Reflections Of A Different Person

10. What Would You Say

11. Not Pie In The Sky

12. Don't Bother Me

13. If Your Knew

14. There Is A Way