Mark Williamson  (Grapevine  118)  1978 UK *







Williamson, Mark






This UK artist’s name can be found on several British Christian releases.  Although he’d a descent rock style going on later releases under the name of The Mark Williamson Band or lyrix, his early solo releases are more spread out stylistically.  His self-titled debut kicks off with a respectable rocker called ‘Glory Glory’, followed by the melodic Clapton-esque acoustic ballad ‘Easy Come And Go’.  On the other end of the spectrum are pop/ccm songs (including B J Thomas’ ‘Without A Doubt’), along with a number of mellow MOR ballads.  Disco is covered under ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ and ‘This Life Is Living’, and there’s a version of Keith Green’s ‘Because Of You’.  Williamson on acoustic guitar, assisted by others on electric guitar, keyboards, sax, bass and drums.  Backing vocalist include the Nutshell girls (Mo McCafferty and Annie McCaig) and Dave Pope.  Six of the songs were written by Williamson, while four were composed by keyboardist John Daniels.     (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).























Sorry I have not acquired this album.  Thank you Donald for the track list and link to other photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Glory, Glory3:28
1-2Easy Come, And Go3:36
1-3If You Hadn't Done4:24
1-4Without A Doubt2:50
1-6It Doesn't Really Matter3:24
2-1This Man's Jesus3:24
2-2Walking On The Water4:24
2-3Because Of You2:38
2-4Live In Me3:08
2-5This Life Is Living3:16
2-6Out Of The Blue4:30