He Is The Music  (Pilgrim  PLM 483)  1980  UK *









Magee, Len - He Is The Music







Man, this dude Len was an album-making machine!  Beware, Len plunges seriously deep into orchestrated praise and easy listening mellowness on this one.  Exclusively cover this time, many done in medleys, including bold, rich versions of ‘I Am Loved’, ‘For God So Loved The World’, ‘Anchored In The Rock Of Ages’, ‘Ordinary People’, ‘I Just Came To Praise The Lord’, etc.  You get the idea.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Len Magee - He (Bck)

Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Living In Me3:02
1-2Different World2:52
1-3Little By Little3:33
1-4I Am Loved (Medley), For God So Loved The World & I Am Loved4:23
1-5He Is The Music3:27
2-1Anchored In The Rock (Medley)2:30
2-2You've Got To Tell It Everywhere3:15
2-3Ordinary People3:05
2-4Jesus Just Wants To Thank You3:06
2-5Praise (Medley)3:16