Once Upon A Winter (Pilgrim 442) 1978 UK *







Len Magee - Once (Fnt)







Recorded at the Old Smithy, Worcester. Eight original songs by Len plus three traditional Christmas songs. Vocals and acoustic guitar by Len, lead Guitar by Mo Witham, Piano by Tony Boyens, Bass by Spud Spurling, Drums by Pete Thompson and Korg Synthesiser by John Pac. String arrangements by Dave Anfield. Backing arrangements by ‘Parchment’. There are 7 original songs written by Len and 4 traditional songs. I was looking over Len’s discography and noticed that there was a year missing a release. Well I did a little digging and found Len’s web site and the discography which listed this Christmas album.

Len has his own web site where you can read his history and purchase his albums or individual songs.






Len Magee - Once (Bck)








Thank you Donald for the front and rear album covers.




Song #Song TitleTime
02I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
03Calypso Carol
04Simeon's Song
05Silent Night
06Mary's Song
07King of the Jews
08Jesus Loves Me
09Won't Someone Stop That Baby Crying
10Away in a Manager
11Once Upon a Winter