Prayer Song  (Dovetail  DOVE 42D)  1976  UK *








Len Magee - Prayer 1 (Fnt)



Len Magee - Prayer 2 (Dv Fnt)




Prayer Song is a double lp containing twenty-one songs.  Most of disc one follows a soft country folk/pop format where easy strum-along melodies are backed by steel guitar and gentle strings.  Piano ballads begin to take over on the second disc.  Includes assistance from Keith Routledge (Meet Jesus Music), Mo Witham, John Pantry, Keith Loring, Mark Williamson and members of Brightwinter.  Mostly originals, plus covers of John Pantry (‘Muddy Water’, ‘I Love You Lord’), Graham Kendrick (‘Rainbow’), ‘Let Us Break Bread Together’, others.  Gate-fold cover.  All four of Len’s Dovetail albums were produced by John Pantry.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).










Len Magee - Prayer 1 (Bck)



Len Magee - Prayer 2 (Dv Bck)






Thank you Donald for the Dove front and rear photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Blue Skies 3:34
1-2Don't Pretend2:46
1-3Girl's Song4:05
1-4Stories Of Jesus4:04
1-5Carried On The Shoulders Of The Shepherd2:40
2-1Chords Of Love4:10
2-2Walking Through The World2:03
2-3Call On Me2:46
2-4Holy Angels Cannot Sing
2-5The Prodigal4:30
2-6Prayer Song2:20
3-1Shepherds Song2:47
3-2He's Changing Me2:54
3-3Love Has Come Down2:54
3-4Muddy Waters3:32
3-5Let Us Break Bread Together3:07
4-1Daughters Of Jerusalem2:40
4-4The Kind Shepherd2:33
4-5I Love You Lord3:22